The ActiveWords Vision

Empowering People

The ActiveWords vision is to empower people by applying ActiveWords across all computing environments and platforms. People will get the results they want from all devices by selecting, entering, or speaking the words they associate with their desired results. This interface is consistent across all devices and integrates seamlessly with all other user interface elements.

If you want a stock quote for IBM; just enter the word ibm on your smart phone, tablet, desktop PC, or other networked device. You are immediately presented with the quote along with other links pertaining to IBM. You may define the response you want for a given word in advance, as well as receive choices related to your intent based on enterprise specific terminology, alternative meanings, context, and your historical behavior patterns. Your words give you instant access to what you want, when you want it, consistently personalized to your needs, on any computing device.

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Significant parts of this interface vision are already in place. These include:
  • Universal "Smart Tags". With ActiveWords words and phrases become a direct connection to meaning and content in all contexts and across all computing devices.
  • Personalized "bookmarks" using selected or entered text. ActiveWords enabling users to name and directly access all their favorite places from any context at any time.
  • Reference services using selected text. ActiveWords may be configured to provide such reference services using the Knowledge Access application, as well as permit personalization of word/action associations.
  • Personalized "semantic user interface" using selected or entered text. Users can define sets of word/action associations that encompass virtually all their computer interactions, including all types of navigation, text generation, and commands. ActiveWords PLUS provides the range of features needed to implement a complete personalized user interface using ActiveWords technology, inlcuding the ability to organize actions into "groups" that have their own ActiveWords and the ability to share selected ActiveWords with others.
  • Vertical content access using selected or entered text. Enterprises can pre-define word/action associations meaningful within the context of their culture and discipline, allowing people to directly access a wealth of Enterprise specific content without "having to know where it is." Every part number can be the access point for technical, marketing, sales, and financial information about that part. Every employee and customer name can be the access point for contact information. These applications may be implemented today using software available from ActiveWord Systems, Inc. The ActiveWords Outlook Agent, a feature of ActiveWords PLUS, demonstrates the power of this idea by automatically creating ActiveWords from every First, Last, and Company name in your Outlook database.

The Case for ActiveWords

Overcoming limitations of the GUI.

The Graphic User Interface has become the standard means of interacting with computers. The GUI forces us to stop, think, and react within its visual boundaries. While making computing accessible to almost everyone, the GUI is severely limited by screen real estate, icon design, and the rigidity of hierarchical window and menu structures. The ActiveWords Semantic User Interface adds a practical new interface dimension leveraging our existing vocabulary and name awareness while integrating seamlessly with the GUI.

Personal vocabulary and name awareness are not structured hierarchically. They are spontaneous and free form. ActiveWords enables these natural processes. One moment we want to know the weather, the next moment we want to check our schedule the next moment we want to call someone whose name appears in a document.

ActiveWords removes the GUI middleman and enables spontaneous and direct access to what is desired.

Least effort path to results.

ActiveWords provides the least effort path to desired results. This is especially important in navigating all forms of networked handheld devices where limitations of hierarchical menus and windows on small screens are proving significant limitations to user adoption and frequency of use.

Privacy attribute for voice interfaces.

As technology moves us toward practical voice interfaces ActiveWords will provide the element of privacy currently lacking in such designs. When you are in the habit of telling your computer to "get me a stock quote for Microsoft" you will also be able to obtain that information by selecting or entering the word Microsoft when you are in a meeting, a public place, or a noisy environment.

Intelligent personalization.

The ActiveWords interface dimension can take into account a broad range of user intent; connecting words to general interest associations, vertically focused associations, and personal associations. For example, a marketing employee at microprocessor manufacturer might trigger the ActiveWord "i7" and immediately receive a response that includes a general association (Home Page for Intel), a vertical association (i7 competitive analysis and marketing plan), and a personally defined association (for example, upcoming trade shows where Intel is scheduled to participate). These links may be web pages or documents on the enterprise network. Further expanding on this "charm box" element of ActiveWords, services can monitor both historical user behavior and/or context to customize and refine the responses to any given ActiveWord.

Unified interface across devices.

ActiveWords can be universally applied to computing devices creating the first unified user interface that responds to personal needs. Every computing device has the ability to select and/or enter words. ActiveWords word/action associations maintained in personalized Internet databases will enable users to directly access what they want from any network connected intelligent device just by triggering their words. The same words deliver the same results on our PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or Internet connected refrigerator; offering a truly unified, personalized interface with a zero learning curve.