Fixes for the issues noted in Scot's Newsletter

The following responds to Scot Finnie's comments about the operation of ActiveWords software.

  1. The occasional slow down in text entry Scot referred to is most likely related to the ActiveWords Learn and Train Agent searching a Windows Recent folder that has a lot of shortcuts. To fix this, delete all the shortcuts in the Recent folder and restart ActiveWords. We are working to avoid this issue in the next version of ActiveWords. 

The Recent folder can be found here "C:\Windows\Recent" (Windows 95/98/ME) or here "C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Recent" (Windows NT/2000/XP). In Windows NT/2000/XP you have to "Show hidden files and folders" in the View tab of Folder Options to locate the Recent folder.

  1. Scot also noted that substituted text is sent with a trailing space, which makes it tough to use ActiveWords to insert passwords. ActiveWords includes a control to stop sending the delimiter exactly for this purpose. Check "Use Advanced Editor" on the Services tab of the Options dialog. Now trigger the ActiveWord 'find' and look for your password ActiveWord. When you find it right click on the item and select Edit. Click on the Expert icon in the editing dialog (it will now be the Advanced Editor), then check the box "Don't send delimiter". A bit obscure to be sure, but it is there (and we are making this easier in the next version).

Please feel free to explore the ActiveWords web site from here or contact us by sending an Email to


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