Instructions for using the ActiveWords Outlook application:

Trigger the ActiveWord outlook to display this application's Directory window.
Right-click on an item in the Directory window and select 'Edit' to change an ActiveWord.

The ActiveWords application for Microsoft® Outlook® has some truly remarkable features that will save you an incredible amount of time (and that you will enjoy using). The Outlook application is included free as part of ActiveWords PLUS

Download the Outlook WordBase here: Outlook.awzip. Double-click the downloaded file and click the "Insert" button on the resulting dialog (the Profile shown in this dialog should be set to "MyProfile" or the name of your primary Profile if you created another one.

Now trigger the word "outlook" as an ActiveWord and review the resulting Directory of actions. You can assign ActiveWords to open all the default Outlook folders, to create new records in each type of Outlook folder, and to find data in each type of Outlook folder. You can edit the ActiveWords given to these items by right-clicking and selecting "Edit". How about "in" for "Inbox" and "out" for "Sent Items," etc.?

Things get real interesting next. Trigger the word "synchronize" as an ActiveWord. When the synchronization process completes all Outlook Contact records will be synchronized as ActiveWords. You can now trigger any <First>, <Last>, <First Last>, or <Company> name as an ActiveWord and immediately receive the related Outlook record. Want to look up a "Bob?" Just trigger "bob" as an ActiveWord at any!

Now trigger the word "call" as an ActiveWord and enter a complete <First>, <Last>, <First Last>, or <Company> name. If you have set-up your Windows Dialing preferences you can now call anyone in your Contacts folder just like that!

Note that Outlook itself does not have to be "open" to retrieve information. The ActiveWords Outlook agent will call just the information requested.

We hope this powerful ActiveWords application for Outlook makes your computing faster, easier, and more enjoyable.