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ActiveWords InkPad

ActiveWords is touch enabled.

View the Video - ActiveWords InkPad 2.0 Running on an Ultra Mobile PC

ActiveWords InkPad is built into the floating ActiveWords Icon introduced with version 2.0.

ActiveWords are instantly available using ink on Windows Tablet or Touch PCs. Tap the ActiveWords icon, ink your ActiveWord, tap "Go", and your ActiveWord is triggered. Tap, ink, and go!

We  thank Tom Clarkson, creator of Orange Guava Desktop for his significant
contributions to the development of this version of ActiveWords InkPad.
We also thank Wintellect (www.wintellect.com) for their help.


These instructions assume the user is familiar with the operation of ActiveWords software. New ActiveWords users are encouraged to view the demonstration videos

ActiveWords InkPad works much like ActiveWords ActionPad, providing a context for entering and triggering ActiveWords.

ActiveWord text substitutions will be sent to the text entry location active (blinking cursor) immediately before the InkPad is displayed.


Tap the ActiveWords Icon with your finger or a stylus to pop up the InkPad. Stylus users also have an option to pop up the InkPad by simply hovering over the ActiveWords Icon. See the ActiveWords AWICON Options dialog.


When you begin to enter your ActiveWord the "GO" button will appear. You can resize the InkPad area by dragging the lower right or lower left corner of the window.


To trigger your ActiveWord either quickly move the stylus or finger away from the InkPad area or tap on the "GO" button.