ActiveWords Endorsement

An unsolicited endorsement from an enterprise professional: 

Personal Productivity and Activewords

I've been using ActiveWords in my day-to-day work for 430 days. So far, I've saved 289.8 hours of my time. (The software has a built-in tracker...) That's .67 hours / day. I figure I work about 10 hours / day, so that would be a savings of .67/10 = 6.7%.

Tech support for Activewords is just outstanding. And one of the power users (she calls herself an "activewords extreme guru") in the Netherlands, Marjolein Hoekstra, has created a blog in which she publishes tons of "how to" stuff. And there's also a very active user forum.

If I was still a corporate HR executive, I would be encouraging managers to equip employees with this software and I would be offering training programs. And I'd be trying to find a way to structure a bonus for my HR group based on a share of the productivity gains directly measurable with the software.

I got hooked on this software during the 60 free trial. 60 days is long enough for almost anyone to become competent, and to justify a purchase of $US 49.95. And the enterprise price of $29.95 is a no brainer for any organization!

Try the 60 trial! I dare you not to buy it after you do!

[I don't own shares and have no financial stake in Activewords. Just a huge fan!]

- Eric Snyder, consultant and former corporate HR executive