Upgrade to ActiveWords PLUS 2.1

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ActiveWords PLUS 2.1 is free for all ActiveWords PLUS 1.95 customers who purchased after September 30, 2011. ActiveWords PLUS 2.1 is a free upgrade for all version 2.0 customers (just download and install).


All other ActiveWords PLUS 1.95 license holders can upgrade for $29.95 USD (40% off the full license price). If you have already installed version 2.1 see step #3 below. Support for Version 1.95 ended December 2012.

ActiveWords PLUS 2.1 is required for use with Windows 8 and higher.

STEP #1 - Uninstall: Use the "Programs" Control Panel ("Add/Remove Programs" on XP) to uninstall ActiveWords 1.95. The ActiveWords 1.95 user folder and data is untouched.

STEP #2 - Download and run the ActiveWords PLUS 2.1 installer

STEP #3 - Unlock: Restart ActiveWords PLUS, click the REQUEST button on the startup dialog, and enter the email address associated with your original 1.95 purchase. If you qualify for a free upgrade you will be advised that a version 2.1 full license key has been sent to your email address. If you are eligible for the upgrade you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a version 2.1 license at a 40% discount, or $29.95 USD (and will be able to associate that order with a current email address). Contact support@activewords.com with details if you do not receive the choice you are expecting.

STEP #4 - Insert 1.95 data: After applying the email and key from the unlocking email you will be prompted to insert your ActiveWords version 1.95 data. Accept the prompt to insert your ActiveWords data.

Note: Your ActiveWords PLUS 2.1 license, as before, runs with you as the user. You can install, unlock, and use ActiveWords PLUS 2.1 on any Windows computer for your exclusive use as the license holder.

Check out new features in version 2.1 :

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  • Ink ActiveWords using the ActiveWords Inkpad in all Windows 8 contexts.
  • Use the touch keyboard to enter and trigger ActiveWords in Windows 8.
  • Use virtual touch keyboard to enter and trigger ActiveWords in Windows 8.
  • Automatic suggestions for new ActiveWords now more reliable.

Check out version 2.0 features:

  • Create ActiveWords that substitute Rich Text. See Video.
  • Create ActiveWords that substitute HTML selections including pictures.
  • New floating ActiveWords Icon provides an integrated interface. See Video.
  • ActionPad pre-fills as you type to quickly select the ActiveWord you want. See Video.
  • Assign ActiveWords to Groups. See Video.
  • Share ActiveWords you select with others. You can quickly create a WordBase of selected ActiveWords to share with others, or use this feature to create a backup of a subset of your WordBase.
  • ActiveWords for files, folders, and programs now use relative paths so they will work when moved between computers with differing paths to key folders such as Documents, Music, and Pictures.
  • Associate up to three ActiveWords with each action when you add new items.
  • Personalize the key combination that opens the ActionPad.
  • Faster performance and bug fixes.
  • Added “Sites” as new content for FREE ActiveWords, including over 125 of the most popular US Web sites.
  • Add Wizard now includes button to automatically select the “Current” URL active in the Browser. Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  • Changed <PASSWORD MODE AWMONITOR> scripting command so that it will revert from showing asterisks to actual text as soon as a delimiter or mouse click is seen.
  • Added new “Asterisk Monitor Mode” control in the Services tab of the Options dialog to facilitate hiding passwords from being seen. Users can define a 1-3 character string that when typed will cause the text monitor to immediately start showing asterisks instead of actual text. Monitoring of actual text automatically returns as soon as a delimiter or mouse click is entered. This allows users to add the text string as a routine before typing passwords to be assured passwords will not be echoed in the text monitor. For example, if the defined string is “zz” and a password is “1234567,” entering “zz1234567” will be monitored as “zz*******” with the “zz” being instantly removed before the password is entered and without needing to be triggered as an ActiveWord.
  • Added <HIDE SHOW ACTIVEWORDS ICON> scripting command to toggle the AWIcon between visible and hidden.