A list of "user" scripts available?

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A list of "user" scripts available?

Postby roakleyca » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:03 pm

Hi there,

OK - so I LOVE the add-ons that are available by AW. They save so much time - by not having to set all that I want up manually.

That said, it seems there are some extra hidden jewels in this forum. I.e. scripts, and codes written by users to do specialty tasks. Ex. I love the "addurl" AW script.

Is there a list of all those other "add-ons" availble somewhere? It would be handy to consolodate them all. I find the "search" feature in this forum not all that great...plus I often don't know I need an AW until I see it. So I would like to do some AW window shopping. :D


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